Chronic EBV – The Energy Killer

One of the most common complaints we see from new patients seeking care is that they are tired all the time. Sometimes, this is because they have poor sleep hygiene – your body needs regular sleep! Other times, it is because of an under-functioning thyroid or imbalanced hormones. But when the tests come back normal and the patient has tried everything in their power to not be so tired, there is another diagnosis that so many providers don’t consider – chronic EBV.

EBV, or Epstein-Barr virus, is responsible for the infectious disease mononucleosis, commonly referred to as the “kissing disease.” This nickname was earned because of how contagious this disease is through saliva – so contagious, in fact, that 95% of people aged 35-40 carry an inactive form of the infection. But what happens when it is not so inactive? Patient’s with chronic mono suffer from flare-ups from the infection that leave them feeling exhausted for what seems like “no reason”. Often, their lymph nodes become tender and swollen and their throat may be sore, or they may suffer from recurrent fevers.

Running an EBV panel on these patients will show that their body continues to produce antibodies and react to this virus; many people with chronic EBV are not even aware that they ever caught the virus to begin with.

While there is no cure for EBV, there are countless measures we can take to prevent flare-ups and overwhelming fatigue. A customized regimen of vitamins, supplements, minerals, and alternative health products, as well as medical intervention at the first signs of a flare-up, allows our patients to feel like themselves again with the energy to get through the day.

If this sounds all too familiar to you, consider having an EBV panel done and visiting with our massage therapist and vitamin/supplement expert Veronica Martin to find a plan customized to your needs. There is hope!

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