Medically Assisted Weight Loss: You Don’t Have to Go It Alone

Woman holding jeans up to show weight loss progress.

Obesity is a huge problem that affects people of all ages across the U.S., and even though we all know that excessive weight can lead to a variety of health problems, there seems to be no sign of this epidemic slowing or reversing. This is why many residents are interested in weight loss in Tyler, TX (and nationwide).

We’ve all been there–we commit to losing weight and getting in shape so we can finally look better, feel better, and stay healthier. We pick a diet and commit to a frequent workout routine. Maybe we set a new year’s resolution, or maybe we’re just tired of the what we see when we look in the mirror, or maybe we just want to improve our overall health. Though we know being overweight is bad, it can be a difficult problem to resolve.

Sometimes we’re able to stick to our plan to lose weight, and sometimes we stick with these plans for a good length of time–but it’s easy to fall off the wagon and undo the hard work we’ve put in. This is a common problem, and a lot of people wind up in the same boat. Anyone can start watching their intake and working out, but without the help of a medical professional it can be easy to lose determination, fight plateaus, and keep weight off.

For many people, losing weight can seem like an impossible task–no matter what they try, positive results seem to be out of reach. It can be difficult to understand why certain steps and actions that help others lose weight seem to have no effect.

That’s where Zana’s Place can step in and help you reach your weight loss goals–and help you maintain your weight once you’ve hit your targets. With a medically managed weight loss program, our healthcare professionals can evaluate you and craft a comprehensive, custom-crafted plan designed specifically for your unique needs and situation.

Custom Weight Loss Planning

We take a holistic approach to weight loss and utilize a variety of holistic and modern approaches to build the ideal weight-loss plan for your needs, goals, and lifestyles. We offer flexible planning to help build a plan that fits your preferences and lifestyle so you can lose weight without making drastic changes to your life. Creating a modified, easy-to-follow lifestyle plan is often much more effective than trying to drastically change your lifestyle and eating habits, making it easier to stay on track.

We’ll work with you to create a custom calorie counting plan to help you decide what foods and how much to eat to help you stay within your goals. Additionally, we’ll help prevent your weight loss from plateauing before you’ve reached your goals by creating plans to mix things up so you can continue to see steady, consistent progress.

Weight Loss Tracking & Accountability

If you feel like you’re tackling your weight loss alone, it’s easy to slip up–which can lead to a downward spiral that undoes your progress quickly. We offer accountability services to check in and ensure that things are going well for you as you continue on your journey. During these check-ins, we’ll keep an eye on how your weight loss is progressing, and will adjust your custom plan accordingly for maximum results.

Weight Loss Supplements & Aids

Sometimes dieting alone may not be sufficient to hit your weight loss goals in a desirable time frame, so our specialists can create vitamin supplements and vitamin cocktail injections designed to ensure your body has the nutrients and vitamins you need to stay healthy and optimal performance. Additionally, when restricting calories and adjusting your diet, it’s quite common to have feelings of hunger that can be hard to ignore, so we can help combat this hunger with prescription appetite suppressants as necessary (after ensuring they’re a good fit for you and your health & needs).

As you can see, if you’re struggling with weight loss, you aren’t alone–and there are options available to you to help you achieve your goals. For best results, it’s a good idea to consult with a healthcare provider who specializes in weight loss to craft a plan that works for you. If you live in Tyler, TX, contact Zana’s Place today to set up a consultation to discuss your current situation and determine a medically managed weight loss plan that is best for your unique needs.

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