Medically Managed Weight Loss

Weight Loss Services

Zana and her patients have lost over 8,500 pounds and the number only continues to grow! Join a community that supports you every step of the way and takes you far beyond just weight loss. Learn how to manage your health while still enjoying all of life’s celebrations. Learn just how much your body is capable of and how little changes create big results.

Initial consultation cost: $165

This includes your visit with the provider, pictures and measurements, a full lab work-up, and a free vitamin cocktail injection to try.

Calorie Counting

Learn how to properly count calories so you can effectively lose or maintain your weight with minimal hassle.

Flexible Planning

We'll help build you a plan that fits your preferences and lifestyle so you can lose weight without rearranging your life.

Progress Tracking

With regular check-ins we can keep an eye on how your weight loss is going, and make adjustments as necessary for maximum results.


It's easy to fall off the wagon-even the best of us do. With our accountability services we will help you get back & stay on track.

Modern & Holistic Approaches

We utilize a variety of holistic and modern approaches to build the ideal weight-loss plan for your needs, goals, and lifestyles


We'll help you prevent your weight loss from plateauing before you've achieved your goals by mixing things up.

Vitamin Supplements

Ensuring your body has the right nutrients is crucial, so we ensure the right supplements to stay healthy.

Appetite Suppressants

You're bound to feel hungry when dieting, so we can help combat the hunger with prescription appetite suppressants.

“As a provider, my passion is to help others lose weight – it inspires me, I understand it first-hand, and all of this makes me good at what I do. In my personal weight loss journey, I had to hit what I felt was rock-bottom before I finally came to terms with the things that make me give up and sabotage my progress. With these realizations, along with the support of others, the determination to make lasting changes, and the tools of my trade, I have lost about 140 pounds – and kept it off. More importantly, I can now enjoy the things in life that I never thought I would do. If someone had told me ten years ago that I would be running half-marathons (and actually liking it!) I would have called them crazy. And now I want to use my passion and experience to help you too. It is possible, no matter your age, weight, or how many programs you have tried before, to change your life – so let’s start today.” – Zana Elliott, FNP