Wellness Exams

Regular Wellness Exams

It is important to schedule annual wellness exams to maintain good health and catch potential problems before they become serious issues. We check a variety of things, such as your ears and eyes, heart, lungs, suspicious moles or skin lesions, lymph nodes, and more.

Wellness exams include a physical exam, check-up, and lab work.

Stay on top of your health and schedule a wellness exam with us today

Physical Exams

Our physical exams are thorough and our screenings can be crucial when it comes to detecting early symptoms of an ailment.


We check your heart, lungs, blood pressure, abdomen, thyroid glands, lymph nodes eyesight, ears, skin, and more.

Lab Work

Lab work is crucial when it comes to being thorough & can help uncover abnormalities that a physical exam can’t detect.